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"Ku Ku Hoe He’e Nalu" is Hawaiian for Standup Paddle Surfing - which is English for "fun on the water"!  The sport is done on a purpose built, surf style board with a long single bladed paddle.

Rooted in ancient times, SUP has taken several different directions since its reintroduction more than a decade ago: racing, surfing, distance paddling, freestyle, fishing, exploring, river running and fitness give paddlers a multitude of ways to get out, stand up and paddle. Since the sport’s rebirth, it has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace.

Kelowna has discovered Stand Up Paddle Boarding and sports a growing community of avid paddlers. Local paddlers know that the Okanagan and surrounding lakes offer a plethora of opportunities to get out on the water.

The paddling season is long (March to November) and the possibilities are nearly endless. Organized events include early Saturday morning summer paddles from Peachland to Rattlesnake Island and back, and September’s Standup Salmon Run from Bertram Creek to Peachland.

The wind here can whip up waves big enough to surf, and with a good southerly you can surf all the way to Kelowna from Peachland!

If endless surfing waves are your preference, pick up a wave behind an inboard boat is fun and easy on a standup board! Required: a powerboat, enough gas, friends or family, and time to enjoy.

Not many lazy and scenic paddles are better than one down the Kettle River from mid-June or July. Launch at the Little Dipper campsite or the Kettle River provincial campground and paddle all the way to Rock Creek.

"Any body of water, anytime" has become the mantra of the Standup Paddle Surf world. For more local information check out Orange Otters, the local surf shop in Kelowna's Mission area.

Written by Bob Purdy. Check out Bob's  big adventure.

Check back soon for for new standup paddling updates, photos and videos. For more information about paddling in the Kelowna area check out Kelowna Paddle Centre.

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